Zombie Age Viral War
  • Name Zombie Age: Viral War
  • Version 1.0.018
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 287 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

An introduction to Zombie Age: Viral War

What’s the game of Zombie Age: Viral War

Zombie Age: Viral War is coming! The game is a combat in the zombie groups or more accurately, the war of the needs of humanity against the zombies. They will only have a chance to rebuild their homeland if they win the war, so this mission can only be successful and not allowed to fail. Otherwise, their planet will become lifeless and the zombie race on the planet will slowly disappear.

Zombie Age: Viral War

Features to Zombie Age: Viral War

High targets

In many video games, there are a lot of zombie-themed games, such as the game of Viral War are always attractive. Maybe there are more and more zombie fighting game because of the daring players later on.

Maybe you will feel familiar with the post-apocalyptic setting of zombie games. The most advanced is true in Zombie Age: Virus War. In this MMO, each player’s goals are clearer and more ambitious.

There is a key factor to beating zombies is that you should go ahead by one step, you are also have the main task is that you could protect and rebuild human civilization for a long time.

Zombie Age: Viral War

Attain the key step of civilized reconstruction

There is no doubt that we can’t complete the mission for a short time. During the battle, you will have to unite with your zombie team to fight against other zombie hordes, and if you are the only survivor, then you must be the deciding factor for the survival of this battle.

This is when you need to be with your teammates even more, because you will have to fight a terrible battle against the zombie horde.

Make a cooperation

Certainly, Some players have rights to depend fight in different alliances or make a cooperation with other zombie groups. They will become the leader of the team with making good use of their weapons, defeat traps, and all the powerful strength to fight with the group of zombies day and night.

You have responsibility in leading a massive army of warriors, recruiting from those still alive in the world if you want to make a huge success. Everyone has their own talents and fighting skills, and they will try their best to perform many difficult combat missions to protect and develop the people of shelters.

Zombie Age: Viral War

Close interaction with MMO

There needs to be a lot of interaction between players because of MMO game which could show your wishes and reality . What’s more, you have to constantly call on new members to join your team of warriors, and then form alliances with other alliances or control alliances.

In this game mode, the goal of aspiring players is to become someone who can lead others in battle together. Ultimately, you may be able to become the new leader who will lead the world in resistance battles in a future world.

On the contrary, and for those players who are interested in the war all but blindly think that they are chasing fame and fortune and have no goal, this is the deadliest blow, because throughout the game, it is the strategy that is looked at throughout the entire game, not a little bit of sporadic ideas.

Zombie Age: Viral War

Distinguish between the characters

As we all know, your enemies may also become your friends, as long as you have the right approach, get along well, have a pair of discerning eyes, and a resourceful head, in fact, anything can make you swim in the world of zombies to solve the problem, and the same is true in the world of zombies.

Maybe you will think will be the most terrible thing in this world, but in their planet, they also divided into enemies and friends, but they do not have clear boundaries, in combat, they are very with a lot of let you unexpected changes, perhaps the other side of the last second is you in the war you must destroy the enemy.

Therefore, when fighting you should learn to recognize the good and the bad, have the ability to foresee, always alert yourself, not easily slack.

The key factor to victory

Have you tried constantly unlocking new heroes to upgrade your combat gear? Do you have a constant stream of successes during battles? Did you break into the next chapter by tackling the obstacles one step at a time? These seemingly small questions also require us to explore the answers step by step.

The key factor to see whether you are and lead a qualified army is whether you have the ability to keep the whole team at an average level. To keep them in their place, each responsible for their own level mission.

Zombie Age: Viral War

Strategy of struggle

If you are the leader of your species, then I think you have to do your part, you have to be courageous and resourceful, to utilize all the combat resources available around you, to use your own strategies, or you can collect them, and to overcome the enemy with the strength .

In this position you will have to learn to explore the potential, the skills, and even the Achilles’ heel of others, because only by knowing each and every warrior around you will you be able to have a strategy that will allow you to face the challenge head on.

Zombie Age: Viral War

How to download

To download Zombie Age: Viral War APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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