Zombie Castaways
Zombie Castaways
  • Name Zombie Castaways
  • Version 4.48.1
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 196 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Zombie Castaways are drifting! What’s even more interesting, however, is that a new game has now come out that brings a different perspective to these creatures. According to their designer’s description, zombies are no longer scary, because they also have flexible brains and cute but agile appearance. Instead, they will know better how to cultivate trees, garden, and grow crops as if they were real farmers. So, welcome to experience a different zombie Crusoe.

Zombie Castaways

An introduction to Zombie Castaways

In this game, the designer mainly presents an unexpected strange world with a mysterious background, and the zombies in the game will live together and run a small island farm. They will learn the skills of planting harvests on this land, and the main task of the player is to help the zombies turn the barren island into a rich ecological land, so that the zombies can get more resources in the subsequent tasks and gradually upgrade their homes.

Zombie Castaways

Features to Zombie Castaways

Create your own fun farm

In each area of the farm you will grow a lot of produce, and you will meet different characters and new friends, which can be other creatures or some other new zombie teammates. Designers describe a lot of new situations, because this will help build a tight and reasonable storyline.

In addition, in the plot need to pay special attention to be sure not to neglect the dialogue of the characters, through many subtle clues you will find a lot of very wonderful things.

What’s more when playing Zombie Drift, you will experience a new game experience that has never been seen before, because it is full of mystery and has the most realistic scenario simulation, in this game, there will be many different zombie characters that you will not expect, as well as their appearance and internal structure. I believe that in this game, you will definitely get a new experience.

Unique building

In this game, you can have your own growing farm, where you need to carefully manage your plants, you may grow some food, fruits, vegetables and so on. You may have a large team, because only you work hard enough to have enough supplies to survive in this zombie world, and not only that, you must not only stop at the stage of collecting supplies, but also learn to go out and earn resources, or create the resources you need.

The farm you build has your own unique characteristics, showing your personal unique style, you can freely design the architectural characteristics of your imagination according to this function, maybe you want to have an extremely luxurious and luxurious family home, or maybe you just want to design your dream castle from childhood, moreover, you may just want to build your own warm home. Inside live their family, friends and all the close people, in short, everything should be according to your idea, because you are the designer of this game world, dress up.

Enjoy this game to the fullest, everything in it should be led by you, by you to explore, to arrange.

Zombie Castaways

The attractive decorations you see in the game can be easily displayed in your gameplay, and you are free to change the costume of the scene in any mode you want, because there are a variety of different skills waiting to be unlocked in Zombie drift to make it easier for you to continue through the levels.

Customized personal island

You can not only build your own farm, you can also build a private island to your satisfaction, and even customize all the decorations you want to dress up your island, yes, in this game can make up for all your regrets.

After creating your private island, you can choose your friends to share with online players, or swap roles to try out the island and experience different styles of dressing up.

In the same way, you can not only design the island according to your own ideas, but also listen to others’ ideas to customize this private island, because in this way, the island not only has your ideas but also integrates others’ efforts in it, which is more diversified, you can also invite your friends to visit it, evaluate it, transform it, etc.

How to download

To download Zombie Castaways APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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