Zombie Catchers
Zombie Catchers
  • Name Zombie Catchers
  • Version 1.32.7
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 94 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

An introduction to Zombie Catchers

What’s the game of Zombie Catchers

Zombie catcher is a zombie-themed game. In this game, a new, interesting and cartoonish zombie world will be created. In the game, there are different characters developed by multiple designers and zombie species in groups, which many people think is a very interesting design idea. This has changed the way many people think about traditional zombie games.

Zombie Catchers

The background of Zombie Catchers

Needless to say, this game is also from the early most traditional zombie games, but the game mode, characters, and scene Settings in the game has been greatly improved to upgrade, this game shows players that catching zombies and defeating zombies are two different but closely related things, you will deeply experience the pleasure and excitement in the zombie world.

So from now on, forget the original boring and a bit rigid traditional zombie games, forget those smelly and hideous zombies, it will be a new world!

Zombie Catchers

Features to Zombie Catchers

A unique beginning

In this game, the designer boldly adopted a variety of elements of the game, the game at the beginning you think is a parkour game, the painting style has become a business game.

Zombie Catchers: Alien Zombie catchers runs a fresh juice store made from zombies. When the juice is finished, the customer will pay for the juice, which can be used to buy and upgrade equipment and weapons, and when the juice is sold out, the player will have to go on a zombie hunt in the wild.

The player breaks down into the game step is that the player controls the small wow in the wild jump stakes to catch zombies, and then use the captured zombies to extract juice to obtain money to buy and upgrade equipment and weapons, and open the zombie map can synthesize more advanced zombies through multiple zombies.

Zombie Catchers

Catching zombies instead of shooting them

You are the only sane human left, so you need to work together to resist the hordes of zombies and carve a path to hope.

In this battle, the main four-person cooperation mode, in the story mode with other players or AI online team, fight side by side to take care of each other, in the exciting and tense journey to feel the good and evil of human nature under the end, and finally recognize the true face of the world, more firmly adhere to their own belief that there is no right or wrong, There is only the effort of the desire to survive together with those around you.

You have to stick with your teammates. In the multiplayer mode, you have to work with different players to overcome different modes, and you need to work together to complete seemingly impossible but seemingly solvable mission scenarios.

Zombie Catchers

Zombie profits in the Earth

Process zombies into a range of nutritious foods and earn huge profits in Zombie Catchers
Not only are there traps and weapons, but you can also upgrade your character to become stronger and more cunning, and collect as many zombies as possible to enrich your new business empire.

After catching the zombies, you need to lock them in large and small cages, then quickly take them to a secret underground laboratory with cleaning them, putting them in a huge press, adding spices and seasonings, mixing and grinding them Pressed into a special energy drink. Some other special zombies are suitable for making candies, cakes and snacks. Depending on the type and inspiration, you can create many different nutritional items from the main ingredients of Zombie Earth.

Who are the customers for these strange foods and drinks? You have a huge ecosystem of potential customers from across the galaxy. They go to your cafe to recharge their batteries every day while driving. With these delicious and nutritious foods, money will keep flowing into your pocket.

Zombie Catchers

Exaggerate your business

If you want to expand your business empire, get more material resources to guarantee that your zombie team can survive longer on your got planet. Then you need to make more unique drinks or other supplies to attract your customers. When you earn enough gold coins, you will be able to open more unique new recipes to attract more customers.

On top of that, you’ll need to upgrade and improve your production line, build your own lab, and in a way, help save the planet from the zombie epidemic that’s ravaging the land.

You’ll need to keep changing your business strategy, as there are a lot of territories to explore. So, you’ll have to take turns exploring different areas of the map, searching for and collecting unique zombies, and constantly developing many different quality drinks that appeal to your customers.

Zombie Catchers

How to download

To download Zombie Catchers APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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