• Version 1.22.2
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 304 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

An introduction to ZOMBIE FIRE 3D

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D will give you a brand new experience without limit of times. SO, now, just down this game and begin to travel in your game journey!

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D is a shooting game in the post-world. The developer hold a abundant experience in making popular shooting games, including Dead Target, ZOMBIE Hunter. Therefore, ZOMBIE FIRE 3D is looked forward to bring shocked and dramatic effects even though the theme is familiar to player.


Features to ZOMBIE FIRE 3D

Survive in the doomsday

Hordes of zombies will satisfy your desire to kill, and powerful mutated zombies are the ultimate test of your actions, so you need to save yourself in this war.

The highly optimized operation makes it easier for you to control your character, avoiding the complicated operation of the normal double pendulum, and allowing you to experience the fun of lance explosion. The zombie character scene was made in ZOMBIE FIRE 3D. Authentic sounds and drawings blend perfectly together to create an excellent first-point shooter.


Various high-quality zombies

The operation of this game is more flexible, mainly using full-screen touch to aim, and the shooting button is placed in the lower right corner of the screen, players can not move freely in the process of fighting, can only stand in place to shoot, we can equip our characters, such as pistols, machine guns, blood bags, grenades, magazines, body armor and a series of equipment.

Because this game has been set to unlimited gold, players can buy powerful weapons in the mall to increase our combat effectiveness.

It’s enough to make you encounter danger,because some kinds of the zombies are very huge. Sometimes, maybe others can fight back with avoid the bullets to escape your attack. Some huge zombies like bats that have wings to fly, or like a giant who full of muscles to attack. Even you experience many zombies fighting scenes before, there are still many scenes make you fell struggling.

In general, they are more clever than you see the boring zombies in the usual offline games.


Outstanding strategies

The pattern of ZOMBIE FIRE 3D will take you enter the story of doomsday and many new zigzag circuitous, and when the situation comes about, the new change seems to more mutative and novel. Your fighting strategies is innovative with facing many different kinds of zombies in order to follow the game changes.

Many new weapons are unlocked, besides the original skills of zombies in ZOMBIE FIRE 3D. With the various favor, your strategies in wiping out the undead zombie family could rise a high level. You can even place bombs or make good use of the environment effects to kill a lot number of zombies. Also, there are still countless ways to hide, attack and mass killing.

Besides the bombs,weapons and usual shooting skills, ZOMBIE FIRE 3D players can also own the vehicles left over from human civilization, because this vehicles were not all disappearance. There are various cars, tanks,even the helicopters in the ZOMBIE FIRE 3D games.


Fabulous pictures and attractive destruction of the environment

The situation above is very rare in some usual offline shooting games, especially in zombie games. ZOMBIE FIRE 3D offers a variety of game maps to take you to deeper 3D pictures with zombie killing wars, and the dark place is full of bleak and shocked in order to make you fell your computational confusion. But there are still many attractive elements in each game picture.

In this game you can witness amazing 3D graphics texture details and enjoy realistic sound effects and music, but you must not take it lightly, you must crush the zombies that are chasing you to death, fight to kill the zombies for more gold to activate your epic weapons.

In this game, there are many offline tasks, and this situation needs your brainstorming to carry out different fighting skills and strategies. The deeper you are in the game, the excited you will feel enthusiastic in the zombie game.


How to download

To download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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