Zombie Horde
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Zombie Horde is coming! The designers of this game have created a realistic zombie scenario that will provide players with an enjoyable and exciting shooting experience. You will be immersed in the game, curious about the characters and perhaps feeling helpless in the face of a huge army of zombies, so try the game and you will be enlightened!

Zombie Horde

An introduction to Zombie Horde

When you first play this kind of game with a lot of colors, you must not be able to resist screaming, because this game is not dark, but a zombie shooting game with a lot of cool and stylish colors.

It is this colorful and colorful interface design that makes this game look different when it comes to the dead dullness of the traditional game, and it is a much more innovative take on the traditional version of the game, and it is this set up of not going the dark route that you will be looking for in this game that gets Zombie Horde off to a pretty smooth start. Whichever genre you prefer, you’ll find enjoyment in this novel zombie shooter.

Zombie Horde

Features to Zombie Horde

New Changes in Zombie Games

There is no doubt that basically most of the players have accumulated a lot of experience in the original version of the zombie game, but in this game, the setup of the game, the launch of the skills does not require too much experience of the players, this game has the function of automatic defense against attacks, which is often referred to as the defense function.

In the battle, your zombie character will be able to automatically identify the danger and react quickly, but this skill does not But this skill does not come into your system right from the start, but requires players to upgrade, collect gold coins and equipment pieces to obtain this skill and install it in their character system. Furthermore, when playing Zombie Horde, you only need to create your own character and use one button to operate the entire process!

Of course, there are a lot of new elements in this game; for example, the RPG element, which is the shining point of this game, it makes the game scene more lively, and because of this element, you can have the opportunity to unlock more heroes and get more coins.

Zombie Horde

Pick a Hero Character

The designers of Zombie Horde have introduced a wide variety of novel gameplay options. The game focuses on the player’s new experience with the weapons used in the game, with a special focus on upgrading the weapons, a situation that occurs in most wars, where only the right choice of weapon to go into battle will give you increased chances of victory.

The game will also appear a lot of different hero roles for you to choose, but some roles do not need to be unlocked, called the initialization of the role, and some of the higher level of the role you need to use gold to buy, this kind of hero role is called the paid heroes, which requires you to invest more energy in the game to upgrade.

Also, since the game focuses on the shooting experience, the heroes must have their own skills, weapons and upgrade paths. Each hero has a unique background, past and backstage, below the respective hero to experience on the battlefield.

Zombie Horde

It also happens in the game that the weapons assigned to each hero will be different each time, depending on the mission. And most of these weapons are mandatory types, and each gun will have its unique marking on it, so when you see your own marking, you’ll know that the hero is the one you picked, and this will also prevent any wrong or mixed wounds in a fight.

Additionally, each hero is best suited to their use of an elaborate set of weapons to enhance their combat prowess.

Change the perception of zombies

Because you are used to seeing the black pages of other zombie games in Hunan province, you may feel doubtful and unbelievable about the active and bright interface of this game, but it is such an unexpected style of gameplay that has been popular all over the world so far, with these strong heroes, logical gameplay system, and colorful scene layout, it will make you have a happier and more exciting and stimulating experience in the game! Sense.

Zombie Horde

You will feel that in fact the zombies are not so terrible, perhaps they are also a lovely existence, everything is quietly changing, just you do not know.

You’re looking for them, they’re trying to upgrade themselves so that they can be picked up on your way, they’re looking for their own way back to life, and you’re going to meet all these new species in turn. While enjoying the scenery, you are sure to find the hero who can fight alongside you.

Decorate your own style

You are free to dress up your hero character n not only dress up the game style, you can even dress up the game bishop as well as all your equipment.
Because some zombie characters are very fast and physically agile, but some zombies are perhaps just round, cute types that can’t run, but can move very fast, so with a wide variety of characters, you can create your own hero to compete with other players’ dressed up characters.

It’s this fun aspect of the game that allows players to choose their favorite mode to dress up, to build, or to update these characters in a more familiar way.

How to download

To download Zombie Horde APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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