Zombie Hunter D-Day
Zombie Hunter D-Day
  • Name Zombie Hunter D-Day
  • Version 1.0.908
  • Mod Features One Hit
  • Size 134 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

This is a zombie shooting game, when the zombies occupy the world, the only way we can rely on the hands of the fire to kill a bloody road, can we escape from the zombies surrounded by life, to meet the beautiful sunset?

Zombie Hunter D-Day

An introduction to Zombie Hunter D-Day

What’s Zombie Hunter D-Day

Zombie Hunter D-Day is a shooter game with dim and lightless atmosphere, the story is about the city is infested with zombies and everyone has turned into a zombie, the only survivor at this time is you. You are the only survivor, and you need to be alone in the city, at night you must use your few weapons to escape from the city that is being destroyed. Now, experience this game together!

Zombie Hunter D-Day is an adventure shooting game based on the zombie apocalypse. Players in the game are faced with a siege of zombies, you are the only survivor at the moment, you want to survive, you must break out to find other survivors.

You need to pick up weapons to defeat the zombies, the same you can get resources from the zombies, the use of these resources you can exchange for gunfire ammunition better breakout.

The background of Zombie Hunter D-Day

Zombie Hunter D-Day is a third person shooter game with 3D graphics. In the game, players will play four battle-hardened national heroes, with their 18 skills, in the completion of a variety of tasks at the same time with the zombies launched a lively and fierce battle, and gradually uncover the entire zombie behind the conspiracy.

The game uses double joystick control, the left joystick controls the hero walking, the right joystick controls the direction of the shooting, and there is a sprint key above the right joystick that allows the hero to urgently avoid some dangers.

Zombie Hunter D-Day has a sufficient number of levels and varied level modes, rich combat elements and gorgeous screen performance will bring you a refreshing zombie killing experience.

Zombie Hunter D-Day is an FPS action game with post-apocalyptic themed horror elements, giving players a great survival game. Developed with superior 3D graphics with ultra-realistic and extremely detailed graphics, Zombie Hunter D-Day brings players a fully immersive experience in hunting down the undead.

An introduction to Zombie Hunter D-DayBackgroundGameFeatures to Zombie Hunter D-DayA resource-rich arsenalVery realistic environmentZombie varietyExcellent image and sound qualityHow to download

An introduction to Zombie Hunter D-Day


Support when you wake up one day and discover that you are the only survivor of an epidemic. Additionally, you have to live with ferocious cannibal zombies. Their numbers are growing rapidly every second. Isn't that scary? So how to survive? The only way is to overcome your fear and fight for your life.

It is an action game based on Zombie Hunter D-Day, a story-based game released by Cygames Inc. The game quickly gained attention and high praise from the gaming community. The game's install base grew rapidly within a short period of time after its release. Currently, Zombie Hunter D-Day has over 1 million installs. This game promises to give players an exciting shooting game experience.

If you are a player who likes the zombie theme, you definitely cannot ignore this game. In the style of a first-person FPS game, Zombie Hunter D-Day will take players to the zombie world with terrifying, desolate scenes.

Here, players need to make full use of different weapons to destroy the zombie appearance in each stage. Coming to Zombie Hunter D-Day, you will play as one of the lucky people left behind after a terrible epidemic. Life with zombies will be difficult and dangerous. To survive, players must overcome their fears, fight and destroy zombies before they fall prey to them. Only then do you have a chance of survival. The world will be filled with the stench of blood and the stench of a pile of rotting corpses. 

Before your eyes are the desolation and ruins left by a historic pandemic. You have to live with a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies ready to eat you. Life is not as peaceful as before. Learn to live with danger that is always close at hand.


In this game you have the right to fight zombies and survive as long as possible. The game borrows many elements from existing games like Left 4 Dead and Death Trigger. However, there are many other factors that are also surprising. Overall, this game offers some unique classic experience.

By now, we're all familiar with how zombie games play. They're just FPS games, but you'll be fighting zombies instead of players. These games remain popular because many people want to see what it's like to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Here, there are many levels for you to keep trying. In each level, you will face more and more zombies. Of course, in this game you will face different types of zombies. As you progress, they will become more powerful and you must upgrade your weapons if you want to survive. Unlike other zombie games, you can't move here, so your control is limited.

Features to Zombie Hunter D-Day

A resource-rich arsenal

Taking on the perspective of a zombie pandemic, players will be equipped with a large number of different specialized weapons to fight against bloodthirsty and abnormal monsters during a fight for life and death. Living in a world where danger is everywhere. 

Even if you can't get a good night's sleep, your body's strength can't protect you. Players can only rely on weapons to fight zombies. Weapons are your life and death, so to speak. Zombie Hunter D-Day offers an extremely diverse weapon system in terms of number and type. These weapons include rifles, automatic guns, automatic rifles, and countless other types of handguns. In addition, there are auxiliary weapons such as bombs to increase the destructive power.

Your mission is to make full use of each type's power to defeat as many zombies as possible. Especially you have to find their weak points like head, chest. Target those places and take them out. If you exploit their weaknesses, the kill rate will be high. After defeating a certain number of zombies, players can unlock new weapons and be able to merge and upgrade your weapons to the next level.

Very realistic environment

The game is designed to be extremely responsive and support the player's vision during combat, taking the experience to the next level for players who enjoy the FPS action genre. Zombie Hunter D-Day has endless appeal both in terms of time and setting. They are constantly changing from day to night, from sunny to humid, or from gloomy forests to scary wild houses. All of this makes players feel creepy. These changes affect the player's combat ability to a certain extent, affecting the target's vision and accuracy. It’s important to know how to turn difficulties into advantages. Only in this way can you obtain the key to survival.

Zombie variety

Zombie Hunter D-Day is a story about cannibal zombies. Therefore, zombies will be the protagonist of the game. Manufacturers invest heavily in the number and shape of zombie systems. Each type carries varying levels of danger and fear. They will appear in stages during each battle. This keeps players from getting bored in each level. Zombies are what add to the drama and excitement of the game. You will get a real fighting feeling when you come to zombie hunter d-day.

Excellent image and sound quality

However, the game comes with a day and night mechanic that challenges the super gunner in many different types of visual environments, adding to the drama of the adventure experience. The game adopts a first-person perspective and uses role-playing elements to make the player's visual experience more complete. The success of "Zombie Hunter D-Day" is inseparable from the graphic elements. The game adopts 3D design and the picture is clear and vivid. The characterization and combat backgrounds are all very fluid.

Additionally, it incorporates a realistic sound system. The gunshots, zombie roars, and even the scary background music are very realistic. All of this makes for an unforgettable Zombie Hunter D-Day.

How to download

To download Zombie Hunter D-Day APK, you have to touch the "Download" button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

Features to Zombie Hunter D-Day

Realistic game interface design

Those realistic 3D graphics are very cool, shooting feel on top of the cell phone operation is also shocking, smooth and natural, real action makes people can not believe that this is a game which is just one of its highlights one, by many players warmly praised!

The game also has a variety of different classic weapons waiting to be unlocked, you can only continue to upgrade equipment, and constantly unlock new roles in order to synthesize and upgrade other roles.

I have to say, this game really does not need an Internet connection to join the battle at will, also known as offline game. The upgrades and optimizations of the game system are so good that players just can’t help themselves.

Zombie Hunter D-Day

Diverse selection of weapons

Most of the weapons in this game are modern weapons and there are a lot of guns that we have played in other types of FPS games. Bring players an immersive gaming experience. In addition, players must pay attention to the game must not be bitten by the zombies, otherwise it is easy to fail. Therefore, if once you fail, you need to start again, so the player game skills need to find out little by little. Going to learn some special game skills can help players more easily complete the game victory.

In order to achieve their goals, players can complete a wealth of game quests. This way, they get more rewards from the game. In this game, it will bring you a real and exciting apocalyptic survival experience with crisp shooting battles, so that you can gradually grow into that most powerful self in this battle.

The control of the game is very simple, the more levels you pass, the more challenging the game will be. You must make full use of all kinds of props to help themselves, and must defeat all the zombie enemies in the level in order to achieve the ultimate victory.

Zombie Hunter D-Day

Perseverance is victory

In this apocalyptic scenario, you are immersed in the vastness of battles and constantly challenged by new forces, allowing you to mold a strong self through the challenges. This gives you a great sense of immersion, and you, as the chosen lucky one, need to take on your own share of responsibility, to confront, to face the challenges bravely, and to obtain the ultimate victory.

Here, you have a rich variety of weapons, so that you have a variety of options in this post-apocalyptic world, in the darkness of the fight against a variety of zombies, but you need to hold out for many days before you can get the support of the rescue team, so you must work hard to hold out, in this dim dark days, you have to rely on their own to find a variety of materials, in order to keep the character’s physical function data until the victory or get rescued!

Zombie Hunter D-Day

How to download

In order to download the game, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the game immediately on your phone.

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