Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games
  • Name Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games
  • Version 3.0.75
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 90 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

An introduction to Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games is going to the stage! As a zombie-themed mobile game, the player will play in the game is a top technology sniper, the player will be in the game to stop the game of zombies, or to eliminate them all, to defend the peace of the world, while the player also need to save the game of the other human beings. Zombie hunter 3D game screen, so that players can experience an immersive feeling when playing, like shooting players quickly come to the game to try, become the most powerful zombie hunter!

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Game

Features to Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games

Shoot zombies to stop the pandemic

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games, you are a sniper who must save humanity from a zombie outbreak. Hundreds of civilians are waiting to be rescued! Before they kill zombies, they can touch people. You have to be fast in this 3D action survival game full of undead enemies!

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Game

3D game mode

Shoot hordes of zombies from helicopters, defeat zombie bosses in special missions, play as zombies instead of survivors, use dogs to help you find treasure and kill enemies, and aim for rooftops…… You have so many ways to play zombie hunter!

Also, depending on the quest and the number of maps, you need to find infected cities, abandoned theme parks, Dead ports, the North Pole. Travel to each dead zone and kill zombie enemies through dozens of fun missions. Grab your sniper rifle and shoot every walking dead. Aim and make head-shots in this 3D undead shooter!

Lots of weapon upgrades and new elements

Do you prefer sniper rifles, assault rifles, rocket launchers or machine guns? Choose your favorites and upgrade them! They can be more powerful and faster, which is very useful when you’re fighting a living army of the dead. Making headshots in the game will be easier!

In those amazing 3D graphics, zombies are more realistic than ever! Graphics, new games and an immersive soundtrack impress you.

The environment is detailed and the bullet time will fascinate you! Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games is the best zombie apocalypse game with FPS and action elements!

Play offline or online

Don’t you have internet connection? No wifi around you? don’t worry! You can play this zombie game online or offline, which means you can enjoy every part of zombie hunter without being connected to the internet. Isn’t this awesome?

Moreover, the significance of our battle is that mankind needs you to stop the undead plague infection! Zombies are looking for brains and you are the only one who can destroy them.

Get your sniper rifle and bullets, call your dog, go to the dead zone and get ready to fight the evil forces! Hunting zombies has never been so fun!

Detailed gameplay tutorial

After downloading the Zombie Hunter game, click PLAY to enter the game.

There are often multiple survivors in the map, and they will send out distress signals. Players need to aim at the zombies and start shooting, and be careful not to accidentally kill the survivors.

When the game ends, it will enter the settlement phase. If the player kills the zombies with a headshot, he will get more money.

Only after the player reaches a certain level of mission completion will the next mode be unlocked.
You can also buy a variety of firearms in the store, including semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers.

In addition to weapons, there will also be some auxiliary props for players to purchase, such as zombie detectors, etc. These require money to purchase, so players must make as much money as possible.

How to download

To download Zombie Hunter: Sniper Game APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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