• Version 1.74.1
  • Mod Features Unlimited Money
  • Size 253MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

1. An introduction to ZOMBIE HUNTER 

Perhaps you’ve never seen a zombie race as different and elusive as Zombie Hunter. This game is going to be a high-powered version of almost every traditional zombie-themed class, where almost every scenario restriction, hero ability, and their appearance shaping is going to be taken to a higher level.


2. Features to ZOMBIE HUNTER

Novel scenario design

This is a multi-faceted game that can be played both solo and in groups, it has a wide variety of new and unique ideas and incorporates this creativity into this game to make it stand out to the players.

Of course, this game has the same characteristics as other zombie games, that is, the same theme and similar characters. The background of the game is still all the zombies need to enter a post-apocalyptic world, to fight in this zombie melee, to see who is the real winner, the failure of the people may be eliminated early, while the winner will be all the way to sprint through the level. In fact, the world in this game is still shocking as you will have no idea what kind of difficulties you are going to have to face as there are all kinds of zombies waiting to challenge you.

Your character in the game is a zombie hunter, you so you have to keep catching or hunting zombies that are weaker than you because if you don’t, then that zombie that gets hunted will be you, so these rules of war are brutal inside this world.


Eye-catching game interface

Zombie Hunter combines the novelty of modern western science fiction with the Q version of cartoon style, making the game scene into a “game scroll”. The 3D modeling of all the characters in the game is exceptionally rounded.

All interfaces in the game are hand-drawn by artists. Whether it’s the magical and interesting weapons, or the gorgeous effects, they all come alive in the game.

Zombie Hunter” suspenseful story, tightly interlocked plot, from the fledgling little hunter, through the battle of a number of experience, and finally become a legendary zombie hunter, the growth of every bit of the player will make players reminisce.

Fully automatic attack

Unlike other zombie games, this game doesn’t require players to perform too many operations, players only need to adjust the character’s shooting direction and aim at the zombies during the game to allow our characters to attack.

The game focuses on cute Q cute style, in the background is also a bright color filled screen. Seeing those with Christmas hats rushing over the zombies, players will not feel the slightest tension, on the contrary, is a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Unexpectedly, the game also prepared for the players to replenish the gold coins of the mini-game session. In the game, players need to quickly click the bombs in the screen, if you don’t click the bombs in the limited time, then the game can only start again from the beginning. This approach, in the opinion of many players is very attractive, and has already received a large number of favorable comments.


Unlimited repeatable playability with a scoring challenge system

You need to make full use of various weapons to clear the stages of the nemesis!
Defeat real zombies easily with powerful weapons to survive the zombie kingdom!

My World Zombie Hunter, also known as the Zombie Pigman, can be defeated for gold ingots, gold pellets, carrion, and a variety of gold weapons, which can be used to build Pigman Brush Towers and brush up on experience.

Zombie hunter is a neutral creature, he will not attack the player if the player does not attack him, in the main world, if the hunter is struck by lightning will become a zombie hunter! In the main world, if a hunter is hit by lightning he will become a zombie hunter.

Grab a weapon in your hand and defeat the zombies to get gold coins as a reward. You can even capture zombies to feed them in your own farm. Players can feed their zombie hordes in their farms and if taken care of properly, the zombies will reward the player with gold coins. So as long as you accumulate enough gold coins in the early stages, you’ll get unlimited re-spawns until the essence runs out.


3. How to download

To download ZOMBIE HUNTER APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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