Zombie Night Terror
Zombie Night Terror
  • Name Zombie Night Terror
  • Version 1.6.3
  • Mod Features Unlocked
  • Size 196 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

1. An introduction to Zombie Night Terror

The mobile version of Zombie Night Horror is a very representative strategy tower defense game. It uses new game elements and pixel graphics to bring players a new visual experience with the darkest gameplay. By controlling various zombies to eliminate all humans, Destroy everything this night! Use mental confrontation to defeat the enemy, come and challenge it!

Zombie Night Terror

2. Features to Zombie Night Terror

Grow your team

This is a brand new game choice under a dark background. Zombie Night Horror unlocks all the levels for us. Many props can help you. It is very challenging and the gameplay is more interesting. In the game, you can command the zombies. , so that the zombies will not go on strike or complain, but will honestly obey every order you give. However, there is one disadvantage: no one will talk to you about late-night movies or interesting books.

Maybe you are afraid of being infected but want to expand your zombie army? Then infect some humans! No flowers, no charm, just let the zombies bite the human neck, and they will join your zombie army. By It is possible to expand your team this way, but it must be selective.

Zombie Night Terror

Unique mutation system

The horror cracked version of Zombie Night Terror makes full use of the mutation system to generate powerful new zombies and fully break through the enemy’s defense lines.

When you get the mutation linkage system, you can freely use multiple mutations at the same time to see the linkage effects of different mutations.

Zombie Night Terror

Environmental elements can be destroyed

After the zombie plague broke out, humans liked to play hide and seek. However, if zombies cannot smell the smell of human flesh for too long, they will go crazy with hunger. You have no intention of playing such childish games with humans. Remember to take advantage of this characteristic of Zombie Night Terror and command the zombies to destroy human playgrounds and spread fear

The easy challenge in the game is that those who continue to eliminate those who survive the apocalypse will become zombie controllers. To start your challenge in the game, you must eliminate the survivors.

The improvement of technology level will also give your zombies more abilities, and you can also unlock more zombies to use to achieve the final victory.

Zombie Night Terror

Detailed level guide

In this game, your main goal is to find the exit of the underground passage and kill all the zombies.

Then you can use self-destruction to open a path and get four DNA points in front. This is very critical. First use the “Overlord” to lean against the right corner and direct other zombies to go to the left, and then detonate the Overlord. Because it is the “Overlord”, the explosion range will be much larger, which will just infect the humans above.

Because the zombies on the upper level move into the next map, the subway massacre mission begins. The purpose of the mission is to find a way out of the underground passage.

At the beginning, because the DNA number is 0, we need to choose how many zombies to burn to obtain enough DNA number, let us use self-destruction and overlord.

Zombie Night Terror

Kill the terminator

Use the impact of big zombie explosions to send other zombies to places they can’t normally reach. For example, at the end of the map, you will find that there is no road. At this time, you need to place an “overlord” below and detonate it, and the game can continue.

The next step is to think about how to infect everyone, or whether it is necessary to destroy the wall through the explosion of a large zombie, so that the zombies on the upper floor can pass through the gap to the place waiting for the subway. If the DNA is not enough, you can burn other zombies to obtain enough DNA.

Stop three “Overlord” zombies at the marked places on the way and then explode them. The people on the top can reach the waiting room through the passage created by the explosion.

The Zombie Terminator is in the second room on the ground floor of the building. Because the zombie group you have is no match for the Zombie Terminator head-on, don’t choose to fight him head-on.

When the game starts, go to a suitable position and use “Overlord” to throw the crawler onto the wall, and then climb up.

After reaching the roof, use self-explosion to break the wall to enter the room smoothly.

Entering the room, first go to the room on the left and destroy the power box. The terminator will move a certain distance towards the door on the right. After you destroy the power box on the right, the terminator will enter the door and come to the second floor. Go to the top floor again.

Try to avoid direct contact with the Terminator at this time. When the Terminator reaches the top floor, it will automatically kill the guards next to it.

The way to kill the Terminator is for the zombie to explode and let the Terminator fall into the power plant, and then use electricity to kill it.

3. How to download

To download Zombie Night Terror APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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