Zombie Simulator Z
Zombie Simulator Z
  • Name Zombie Simulator Z
  • Version 3.9.1
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 80 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

1. An introduction to Zombie Simulator Z

Zombie Simulator Z is a simple style action adventure game, the theme is very novel, you have to control the zombies in the city to destroy, but also constantly attack passers-by to turn them into zombies, gradually grow your team. The zombies who have been oppressed by humans for a long time will finally stand up this time, please destroy the world created by humans.

Zombie Simulator Z

In sandbox mode, you can create as many units as you want anywhere. Not only that, but as a player you can also change the rules of the game, so that the system of the game will change a lot, but your experience will be stronger. You can also control your character to engage in combat and support multiplayer online play.

Zombie Simulator Z

2. Features to Zombie Simulator Z

Feel free to modify the time to complete the task

Realistic zombie simulation game, restore Resident Evil, complete challenging survival tasks, and the premise is that you need strong force is the best way to protect yourself. Therefore, you need to make powerful tools to help you survive.

The more creatures you can eat in the game can change your body and give you a stronger body. In addition, you can also modify the rules of the game, such as the control system’s brush mechanism, so that the system automatically brush soldiers and brush monsters, as well as the time of a game, winning conditions, whether humans can be infected and so on.

Zombie Simulator Z

In short, you can make a big difference to the gameplay with simple rule changes, but I also have some pre-programmed gameplay if you don’t want to change the rules yourself. Freely modify the rules of the game, such as the time of the game, winning and losing conditions, and whether people can be infected. When you face danger, you need to face the challenge in the best way and defeat every enemy that threatens you.

Because the end of the world will not only bring you endless fear, it is also the best way to continue to grow.

Optimize the game’s system Settings

The dark scene setting and strange background music in the game will bring players an immersive game experience.

You may devour the viral organism, become the king of Kings, face the fear of the dark abyss, and destroy everything that threatens you. But in the process of exploration, you must also always pay attention to the dangers that may appear in front of you, and expel all the viral organisms, because the narrow scene does give people a lot of depressing tension. The overall difficulty of the game clearance setting is relatively moderate and high quality.

You can create units anywhere you want and decide their weapons, damage resistance, health, and more.

Zombie Simulator Z

Not afraid of any challenge, survive in a dangerous world, it gives you the freedom to set the battle environment you want. You can also create a soldier who is controlled by you to personally join the battle, and with the changes in the rules can allow you to create a variety of styles of shooting games, you can also control the system brush brush machine, make the system automatic brush brush machine, save all the trouble of manual creation, and support the LAN Internet, set the rules first, and then challenge comrades friends.

Requires strong team experience

In this game, if the player does not have a certain team experience, the possibility of total annihilation is very large, and the strategic game content needs better operation of the player. Because the huge game map makes it more difficult for players to distinguish directions, of course, it is precisely because of this unique combat mode that players enjoy the fun of shooting games.

In Zombie Simulator Z, some special events are updated from time to time. As long as you can participate in the game activities, you can get rewards and get more resources.

Zombie Simulator Z

In general, Zombie Simulator Z is a very interesting shooting game, rich gameplay, beautiful graphics, support for multiplayer online combat, and free to create units and modify the game rules of the sandbox mode, so that players can freely create their own game world.

3. How to download

To download Zombie Simulator Z APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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