Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer
  • Name Zombie Slayer
  • Version 3.53.0
  • Mod Features Premium Unlocked
  • Size 18 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

1. An introduction to Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer is coming! Los Angeles has been overrun by zombies, want to take back the city amid the hordes of them? Then let the killing begin!

Using a variety of weapons to arm yourself, a machete is a must, then AA-12 shotguns, MAC-10S rifles, spray, etc., to break the teeth of those zombies and chop up their flesh. Zombie Slayer is an immersive first-person shooter where you can survive an endless wave of zombies. Team up with friends or survive alone to fight for a new record!

Zombie Slayer

2. Features to Zombie Slayer

Survival rule

Zombie Slayer, opening more fighting modes, a large number of zombies, players can enjoy attacking them, constantly strive for their own strength, enjoy feeling more gameplay, a variety of fighting modes, in the face of powerful opponents, you need to constantly improve their ability to feel more fighting methods.

As you advance, the waves get harder and harder, so how long can you last? Kill zombies, earn points, buy weapons, unlock new rooms and survive.

Currently, the game includes 14 weapons, 1 map, and 1 stat upgrade The stat upgrade is a machine with leverage. They increase health, damage, ammo, etc.

Adjust the position layout

When you are already in the middle of the game, you will find that you can use resources such as money to recruit new soldiers and enhance the human side. The same class can be synthetically upgraded to become a more advanced class. Use repeated recruitment and synthesis in this way to strengthen the army and challenge harder survival levels.

Players can also adjust their position layout before the battle begins to achieve a reasonable match. When you start the battle, the soldiers will automatically move and shoot without you having to do it manually. Zombie Slayer’s exciting gameplay can bring you a lot of fun and immersion.

In addition, you can also use some tactics with your team to defeat more zombies, you can not use violence, you can use smart power.
Players can also determine their route based on the environment, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

In the game, you will command a team of soldiers to fight against these dangerous zombies. Because there will be a large number of zombies in front of you, they will continue to attack you, so you need to arrange the configuration and position of the army.

Zombie Slayer

Unique scene setting

Zombie Slayer games will have a lot of beautiful scenes, players can enjoy them in the game. There are a lot of fun action effects added here, and the whole shooting experience is very exciting and enjoyable.

When facing zombies of varying strengths, players must also develop weapons and tactics of appropriate strength to help you fight. A good lineup to fight zombies will become very simple and fast, the game gives the player a strong sense of tension.

In the battle, the use of items can enhance the character’s combat effectiveness, bring a variety of protective effects, and can also restore the character’s health.
Zombie Slayer’s designers know the environment and plot the course of the game, so you need to know the different mechanics and traps in the game. These different exciting gameplay experiences bring exciting operation modes, players can also enjoy the special effects and beautiful scenery brought by the game.

Kill the zombie virus

The zombie virus is breaking out! You are one of the few human survivors, organize an army of survivors, and clear the zombie city!

In Zombie Slayer in the game, you must constantly fight for your own survival, there are many types of weapons for you to choose, you can shoot these zombies here, enjoy the fun of killing, this game is very decompression, very exciting to play.

Zombie Slayer players put plants in to form a line of defense against zombies, there are all kinds of interesting zombie battles waiting for you to play in the farm, there are many levels waiting for you to challenge, there are various constraints in the game, for strong zombie players, you need to wisely use the appropriate plants to deal with them, and here you start your adventure.

Zombie Slayer

3. How to download

To download Zombie Slayer APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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