• Name Zooba
  • Version 4.26.0
  • Mod Features Hack Map
  • Size 197 MB
  • Support Android
  • Price Free

Zooba is a competitive puzzle game where players can choose from a variety of cute animal characters, including lions, monkeys, rabbits, and more. In the game, you need to collect resources on the map, upgrade your skills, and fight against other players. Players need to use strategy and skill to defeat other players and become the animal king. The picture of the game is very beautiful, easy to use, very suitable for players of all ages.


1. An introduction to Zooba

Zooba is a very fun shooting adventure game, the difficulty of the game is relatively low, and the game is particularly cool to play, so that you can easily find the happiness of life.

It can let players exercise hand speed here, it is worth mentioning that the animals are also particularly cute, you can also form a good partner animal team to adventure, special fun and interesting, the types of small animals are also rich and diverse, so that every player can choose their favorite small animals, diverse modes of play can also let you freely switch.

Using a variety of weapons to kill other characters, and use the position and terrain to help you better finish the kill, you can also pick up more equipment to improve your strength.


2. Features to Zooba

Game modes for you to choose from

Different from the traditional game mode, the fire in this game will be ignited outside the safe zone, the enemy’s blood will continue to drip, you will be in a variety of different combat modes, you can choose freely, or multiplayer battle, you can open black, you can also randomly match, a variety of ways you choose.

In battle, you need to avoid getting caught by the City Zoo or burned by the flames of the arena, and in the Great Escape, you need to duel with 20 players in the arena in order to have a good chance of clearing the game.


Choose your character

This is a very unique battle game, if you have played the battle game before, then this game will not be unfamiliar, because it is a copy of the traditional battle game, retaining the battle of the complex also joined the multiplayer online tactical competitive play, making the game play more interesting.

Entering the game players can choose your animal to start the adventure journey, there are a total of balanced, aggressive, strong these three different characteristics of animals can choose, the characteristics of animals are not the same when the game experience will be different.

The game uses the horizontal screen touch gameplay, the left hand can control the direction of the animal, the right hand can trigger the attack skills, look for weapons on the map, and then you can attack your opponent, and strive to become the star of the zoo in the brawls.


Skill transfer

In order to reduce the damage each time you are hit, simply put, this just makes up for the shortcomings of your character’s non-displacement skills, in the game can be divided into active skills and passive skills, active energy saving can be invincible for a maximum of 4 seconds.

Here , you need to remind the player to press once again or move to immediately release the skill, the cold own time is increased according to the use of time. So the less time you spend in the shell, the less cooling you’ll have.

Choose a safe distance to fight

Your character may be a very strong hero at close range, so it is relatively weak for you at long range, so try to avoid firefights at long range. If there are players who have picked up the barrel, they can first click on the map, confirm where the circle will shrink, and press the barrel early!

Quietly waiting for the fire to shrink over, of course, the skills really want to hit or flash, can be slightly flashed, the average player in the exchange of fire with each other will not pay attention to the next barrel is not moving! Unless you’re moving too far and it’s too obvious.


Finally, waiting for the fire to shrink the circle and then suddenly set to your enemy, of course, your blood pack is enough shield and enough to play a little fun, directly press the shell for 4 seconds to let the fire directly burn each other, if you are dying, make up the blood, at this time the other party will definitely not hold up longer than you, but this luck component is large.

Then there is the basic gameplay using active skills. When grabbing supplies, you are easy to become the target of the crowd’s fire, if you encounter items according to the active skill, in the items will be won steady income pocket.

3. How to download

To download Zooba APK, you have to touch the “Download” button. If your download is completed, you can install the application immediately on your phone.

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